Personal Growth Workshops

These workshops are available to everyone in search of meaning and well-being. Exploring the depths of our humanity through introspection, games, teachings and discussions, we dive deep within ourselves to find practical solutions to life's challenges. 

These workshops are offered on site or at a location of your choice for your business, association or group!

Prendre soin de soi


This one-day workshop strives to be an exploratory journey to better know yourself, and as such, to invite each participant to feel more balance and peace in their respective lives. The day will be filled with talks, introspection and group activities. We will discuss various aspects of the SELF and methods to take better care of ourselves. In a world where everything seems to be going too fast and responsibilities pile up, each individual will given the permission to take a break and to explore their own needs in order to develop healthy and positive life habits.


Life comes in waves and there is no escaping this. There are however ways to cultivate joy and happiness in our lives that make the waves that much more enjoyable. Using a variety of activities, we will dive into the infinite possibilities that are all around us and practice noticing them. Let’s explore concrete ways to cultivate happiness in your life, today and every day!


connecting to love


In a spiritual context, explore love & self-love. Through guided meditations, meet Mother Earth & spirit guides who love you unconditionally. Invite abundance and creativity into your life so you can move forward with peace, clarity and of course, Love.