Sophie's healing techniques

Sophie provides unique energy healing sessions that combine shamanism, Reiki, crystals, singing bowls and divine guidance... A relaxing session focused entirely on your well-being.

What can healing sessions do?

For balance, health, purpose, growth, peace... and for building a loving relationship with yourself – past, present and future.

The goal is to balance and enhance life energies to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. What will be healed and the level at which a specific issue will be addressed is unique to everyone.


Inspires relaxation and calms pain or stiffness. Helps alleviate many illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain, fatigue, digestive or respiratory issues. Rejuvenates healthy cells in the body. Brings greater balance and power to the body so it may heal itself or slow down the progress of illness.


Soothes depression, anxiety, insomnia and calms down the “hyperactive hamster” in our mind. Helps with PTSD and in changing life patterns or addictions.


Encourages stability, calm, mental and emotional strength regarding life events of the past or present. Helps heal invisible wounds, dealing with loss and invites forgiveness. Frees knots and troubled energy following shocks, life changes, illness, strong emotions or difficult relationships.


Opens senses to divine energies and increases perceptions to help you come into your own gifts. Invites connection with the divine, guides, angels, and sometimes, deceased loved ones, to offer advice.

How does it work?

Everything in us is interconnected. Very often, the source of discomfort is linked to stagnant or blocked energy, and as we re-establish balance, the body will heal itself, with your collaboration, of course.

Certain effects of the healing are immediate while others may take a bit more time to manifest themselves. It’s not like taking a pill: we are talking about the very essence of your being that just got revitalized. And each person responds according to their own needs and the session content. The effect may last a few days, a few weeks or even a lifetime.

These treatments do NOT substitute professional medical and/or psychiatric treatment and advice. However, they do go very well together.

Sophie is truly a treasure,
so unique in her amazing abilities, connection and intuition. She quickly and easily tunes in to whatever is needed, in a profound way. Whether it’s finding the root of an issue, talking with your spirit guides, connecting with all things nature – animals, plants, crystals, and the list goes on. Her healing abilities are powerful and fast acting, yet she can also gently guide you to self-discovery and transformation. You will feel safe, secure and cared for in Sophie’s hands. -L.V.
Perceptive and intuitive, Sophie quickly targets the issue. She was able to relay messages from Spirit that I was missing. I could feel my energies change, as healing recalibration and realignment was completed. Sophie is approachable, encouraging and supportive, and helps us heal and find our way.-B.B.