Sophie's healing techniques

Individual sessions are relaxing and focused entirely on your well-being. Sophie provides unique energy healing sessions that combine many modalities, such as…

Chakras 7 & 21 * Meridians * Polarities * Cellular level * Past/future lives * Emotions code – Self and Inherited Emotions * EFT – Bronze, silver, gold & Unseen Therapist * Muscle testing * Communicating with the departed * Shamanic journeying * Soul retrieval * Extraction healing * Power animal/plant connection * Summoning plant energy * Learning individual and planetary connections from Highly Evolved Beings * Dismantling beliefs * Cutting cords * Singing bowls * Stones and crystals * Seeing images, hearing words or sounds, memory symbolic interpretation, sensations, smells * Reiki * Layers of the soul 1-7+ * Visualisation * Connection with Higher Self * Book of Life revisions * Clearing space * Protecting / shielding/ bubbling * Psychopump: helping souls cross over * Tuning in with my many guides * Body-system-organ healing * Helping people come into their own abilities * Plant/Animal/Nature communication * Healing past selves (in this life or others) * Grounding * Grid work * Sub-atomic Quantum Healing * Soul Matrix * Etc.

The beauty of energy healing is that it works in person as well as long-distance! You can be anywhere in the world and still have the same great healing effects!

Facets of energy

The soul is made up of three parts: our spiritual soul (the higher self, connected to divine wisdom), our physical soul (the combination of physical and inherited emotions from our parents and ancestors), as well as our mental soul (the ego, the inner CEO who manages actions and reactions according to what it knows).

These three parts are interwoven through various “energetic systems”, like the chakras, meridians, aura and many more. These, in direct collaboration with the physical systems (digestive, circulatory, nervous, etc.), manage our wellbeing at every level, under the discrete supervision of our spiritual guide/guardian angel as well as our higher self.

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The goal is to balance these three facets as well as possible in order to maximize wellbeing, growth, inner peace, determination, focus, physical and mental health, vitality and much more.

What can it help me with?

What it will do and help with is unique for everyone. However, here are few examples:

  • Pain and aches

  • Fatigue

  • Issues with digestions, breathing, nervous system, etc.

  • Cellular health

  • Headaches

  • Worry, fear, impatience

  • Helps free up knots

  • Energetic wellbeing is essential for optimal health!

  • Sadness, crisis

  • Addictions

  • Increase joy for life

  • Life transitions (birth, grief, retirement, illness, etc.)

  • Finding your life purpose, your passion

  • Stress

  • Helps before and after a procedure or surgery

  • Strong emotions

  • Offers support when we feel a void inside

  • Difficult relationships

  • Painful memories

  • Exploring your abilities

  • Increasing your sense of subtle energies

  • Relationship with your guides/angels

  • The vibration of your quantum energy

  • And so much more…!

How does it work?


Everything in us is interconnected. Very often, the source of discomfort is linked to stagnant or blocked energy, and as we re-establish balance, the body will heal itself, with your collaboration, of course.

Certain effects of the healing are immediate while others may take a bit more time to manifest themselves. It’s not like taking a pill: we are talking about the very essence of your being that just got revitalized. And each person responds according to their own needs and the session content. The effect may last a few days, a few weeks or even a lifetime.

These treatments do NOT substitute professional medical and/or psychiatric treatment and advice. However, they do go very well together.

Looking forward to growing with you,


Disclaimer: please note that none of what is recommended here, in session or workshop is a substitute for medical treatment. Speak with your physician or doctor regarding any medical issues that concern you. 

Energy  healing is meant to be a complementary part of a complete health care program.

All healing is self healing. The methods used are so people can assist themselves and others in facilitating their own healing. 

Sophie is truly a treasure,
so unique in her amazing abilities, connection and intuition. She quickly and easily tunes in to whatever is needed, in a profound way. Whether it’s finding the root of an issue, talking with your spirit guides, connecting with all things nature – animals, plants, crystals, and the list goes on. Her healing abilities are powerful and fast acting, yet she can also gently guide you to self-discovery and transformation. You will feel safe, secure and cared for in Sophie’s hands. -L.V.
Perceptive and intuitive, Sophie quickly targets the issue. She was able to relay messages from Spirit that I was missing. I could feel my energies change, as healing recalibration and realignment was completed. Sophie is approachable, encouraging and supportive, and helps us heal and find our way.-B.B.