Shaman, Reiki Master, Teacher


Born in Hearst, Sophie grew up on the family farm in Val-Côté, ON. She pursued her studies in Horticulture and Landscaping in Ottawa. Over the course of 20 years, a diverse array of employment and teachings took place: horticulturist, telemarketer, book store manager, supervisor, administrative assistant, trainer, team leader…

Being born sensitive to subtle energies and the invisible, she devotes her life to learning more on these subjects to fine tune her gifts. These teachings eventually lead her to shamanism, and later Reiki. Along the way, crystals join the journey, singing bowls are flirt with her soul, numerous teachings and experiences in personal and professional well-being pile up and deepen.

Moving back to her home town after being away for so long, she becomes a journalist, an attendant in a rehabilitation facility and college teacher. In February of 2016, its the official start of a great adventure: Gaia Within is officially open, offering workshops and individual healing energy sessions. Combining various modalities, Sophie offers a unique type of session, and strives quite simply to be a light as well as inviting others to let their own light shine.