Workshops, retreats, learn and lunch sessions and all kinds of fun adventures to grow, to learn, to expand... 

Some are geared toward the spiritual aspects of life. Topics include: shamanism, chakras, space clearing, singing bowls, grounding, crystals, do-it-yourself semi-precious stone jewelry, mindfulness, etc.

Others invite you along the lines of personal development, self-knowledge and growth. They are offered on site or in your own shop! 

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Combining various modalities, Sophie provides you with unique healing sessions that focus on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. A Reiki Master and Shaman, she connects with energy and spirits in order to provide you with the healing you most need. 

Learn more about what Sophie does here, or contact her to book a session today!




Incorporating tools and knowledge to assist you in your day to day life is also part of Gaia Within's mission. Finding ways to BE in a space of well-being and inner peace is essential to any lasting effect of healing. 

From the wonderful vibrations and sounds of singing bowls to incredible properties of crystals and semi-precious stones, all items carried at the store are hand chosen and loaded in good vibes. 

Additionally, a line of bracelets and Gaia Charms are made on site. These are all geared towards maximum wellness and serve as pretty AND practical tools on your life's journey. Bracelets can be custom made. 

Come see us to view all the possibilities! Online shopping to come soon!